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"Your body is the ground and metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence." - Gabrielle Roth.


At Yogalogy,  Faye and Chrystal, provide a safe and inclusive space where you can be seen and heard, meeting you where you are at.


As trained and licensed mental health professionals with both Eastern and Western education, we offer a holistic approach to support your mental and emotional well-being.

Speaking Engagements


Trauma Informed Care 

Attachment Informed Care


Yoga & Meditation

Sexual Violence



Faye and Chrystal are experienced speakers who specialize in the fields of sexual violence and psychedelics, respectively. Both are articulate with knowledge on trauma, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, attachment and mental health.

Faye's expertise lies in working with survivors of sexual trauma and incorporating embodied practices, such as yoga, into her work. She is deeply committed to educating others on the impact of sexual violence and how to support survivors.

Chrystal, on the other hand, is dedicated to exploring the potential benefits of psychedelics for mental health and well-being, drawing on her background in embodied practices, including yoga and meditation. As a skilled speaker and educator, she shares her knowledge and expertise with audiences in various settings.

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