Chrystal Assee

Chrystal is the owner and founder of Yogalogy center.


Chrystal has worked within various settings such as men’s prisons, social service agencies for child protection, as well as with trauma victims and community agencies for crisis related situations.


She has been teaching yoga for close to a decade and has thought for over 400 hours, in schools and yoga studios, currently Chrystal works at Yogalogy as a clinical yoga therapist. Her academic path started with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and a specialization in human relations.


Recently, Chrystal chose to combine her passion for yoga with her passion to help people. Chrystal recently graduated as a Yoga Therapist, and is pursuing her certification to incorporate in her practice Irest Meditation/Yoga Nidra.


Yogalogy was born with the intention of helping clients align with their capacity to heal and transform from within.

Faye Assee

Faye is a social worker, and has been practicing this profession for over 10 years. She has worked in a variety of different settings, ranging from child protection services, addictions, trauma victims, and family and individual counselling. Faye has worked with, children, adolescents, adults, and families. She has also had the role of a clinical coordinator for a crisis center, and her experience has provided her with a clinical understanding of mental health. Faye was also a wellness specialist for Telus Mobility, and had the opportunity to manage a wellness center for employees. Her academic path started with a bachelor’s degree in human relations, where she then completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work.


Recently, Faye chose to pursue continued education, and became a yoga teacher, and a yoga therapist. A practitioner of yoga herself for the past 10 years, she discovered the benefits that yoga provided for an overall well-being, and was inspired to integrate yoga as a therapy, in her counselling practice.


Today, Faye integrates traditional talk-therapy, with body therapy; creating a Body-Mind approach to wellness.

Our Centres 

Pointe-Claire, Qc & Vaudreuil Qc. 

Yogalogy centres are designed with the intention to provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment to allow our clients to feel supported, respected and heard. We welcome you into our spaces to help you achieve your goals of wellness.